Downsize Buyers

Life is amazing and with each chapter life has new opportunities and challenges. By preparing properly you can take advantage of the right opportunity and minimize the challenges.  This page has been designed specifically for you; to assist in information for creating the right plan of action for success. The term "down-sizing" is often used for those who are looking to not use as much space as they once needed. While that is a popular term and therefore its referenced out of necessity, the better term is "right-size."  After all many of my clients find that they still need a good amount of space but for different reasons.  It's no longer because "every kid needs a bedroom" now its for "when the kids come to visit." Another big reason to"right-size" is to make life easier - put the laundry, master bedroom suite, kitchen, all on one level.  Choose a floor plan with little or no stairs, etc.  Yet there are floor plans and choices that can made to create a space perfect for guests. You're "right-sizing" your living space.

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